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Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that has been trained, using human-created data, to generate new content such as text, images, poetry or compute code, based on the data it has access to (called its "dataset") and the prompting it receives from a human user.

There are different types of generative AI - for example some tools specialise in creating text (e.g. ChatGPT) and other can create images (e.g DALL-E)

Generative AI can be used by learners and teachers, but:

  • Always check with your teacher if you can use generative AI in your work
  • Make sure you are using generative AI in a way that doesn't breach academic integrity
  • If you use a generative AI tool you need to be open and honest about the work you create with AI so:
    • Alway acknowledge that you have used generative AI to help you with you work even if you're not including AI-generated material directly in an essay
    • Always reference any part of your work that was created using generative AI
  • Be aware of the limitations of generative AI tools
  • If you use anything created by these tools, verify using other, reliable sources, that what generative AI tells you is true