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There are two things you should do before you consider using generative AI in your work

  • See if your college has a policy of generative AI use
  • Talk to your teacher about what you want to use generative AI for

The Digital Library recommends using a generative AI model like ChatGPT for the following:

Helping you get started with your assignment:

  • Suggesting topics in specific areas related to a course.
  • Listing key ideas associated with, or currently of interest in a topic.
  • Posing hypothetical or open-ended questions on a specific topic.
  • Suggesting techniques for processes such as mindmapping

Research assistance

  • Suggesting keywords for searching and help create effective search strategies
  • Summarising books and articles
  • Translating text
  • Finding background information
  • Suggesting readings in a topic area (watch out for hallucinations)
  • Creating reference lists (watch out for hallucinations)

Whatever you use generative AI for, you should always mention in your work that you have used it. You will need to reference your use as well.

What you should never do is get ChatGPT or any other tool to write your essays for you.

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