Answered By: David Hughes
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Two library vendors, ProQuest and EBSCO, supply resources to the Library that are a mixture of full-text and title/abstract only. If you're interested only in searching for full text content, you should be able limit search results to show only results for which the full text is available. 


ProQuest databases have the same basic search interface. Below the search box are two boxes that you can tick.

  • Full text. Tick this to get only search results that have full-text available
  • Peer-reviewed. Tick this to get only search results from scholarly/academic journals

ProQuest databases basic search interface (Goolge like box on blue background) with full text option ticked


If you forget to tick the box and run the search without ticking the full text box, you can do it on the search results page. In the left hand column, tick Full text under Limit to:

ProQuest search results page showing limiters in left-hand column



EBSCO resources have the same basic search interface, but it's different to ProQuest's (same ideas though). You can still limit to full text, but it's not as straightforward as for ProQuest.

Click on Search Options under the search box

EBSCO basic search box

This expands the search page. In the right-hand column, you should see a Full text box. Tick that to limit your search results to items with full text available, tick the Full text box. You may have to scroll down to see this, depending upon the size of your screen

EBSCO expanded search options below main search box


If you really, really, really need the full text of an item, then contact the Library, who might be able to help you (no guarantees though)