Answered By: David Hughes
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There are two parts to a reference:

  • In text citation
  • Reference list entry

In the body of your work, when you mention something from an information source, you need to reference it. This is called an in-text citation, and lets readers know you have used information that came from another source and is not original

For every unique in-text citation there needs to be a reference list entry and each reference list entry should be cited in the text at least once.

An in-text citation looks like (surname, year) e.g 

Dinosaurs are cool (Byrne, 2019) 

Bowie (2019) found that Dinosaurs are very cool indeed.

What the reference list entry would like depend upon the type of information source. For a journal article, it would look like

surname, initial. (year) title of article. title of journal.volume and issue number, page number  e.g.,

Byrne, D. (2019) Are dinosaurs cool?  The Journal of Dinosaur Research 1 (1) pp1-10