Answered By: David Hughes
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If you have more than one source from the same author, put them in year order, with the oldest first.  If they are from the same year, then add "a" "b" "c".., after the year then sort them alphabetical order ("a" for the first source cited, "b" for the 2nd source cited, "c" for the 3rd source cited...). So if you have two articles from the same year, in the in-text citation for the first article you cite would be (Brookfield 2013a) and the second would be (Brookfield 2013b). In the reference list this would like:

Brookfield, S. (2005) The power of critical theory for adult learning and teaching. Open University Press.
Brookfield, S. (2012) Teaching  for critical thinking: tools and techniques to help students question their assumptions. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Brookfield, S. (2013a) Scholarly personal narratives as a new direction for the scholarship of teaching and learning. Teaching Theology & Religion, 16(2) pp. 127-128.
Brookfield,  S. (2013b) Teaching for critical thinking, International Journal of Adult Vocational Education & Technology. 4(1) p. 1.