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A browser cache is a tool used by your browser to speed up the page loading process, by storing files downloaded on previous visits to that web site. However, the cache can cause a problem when websites are updated as files saved in the cache may have been deleted from the current version of the website.

Cookies are small blocks of text created by a website while a user is browsing it, and placed on the user's device by the web browser. Cookies store information on the user's device and can track the user's browsing activity.

If you get an error message on a web page or have difficulties logging in to a site, one thing that might solve the problem is clearing your cache and cookies, restarting your browser and trying again. Clearing the cache and reloading the page ensures that you are seeing a 'clean' version of the webpage that does not use any cached files.  Find instructions for your browser below. Alternatively,try using a different browser or a different device.


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