Answered By: David Hughes
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Digital rights management is a way to manage access to digital content, for example music, video and ebooks, to make it difficult to copy it, so it's a method of protecting copyright on digital material.  DRM consists of various technological tools and protection measures to restrict the download or copying of digital works.Many publishers use DRM to protect their ebooks from copyright infringement, while still making them available online 

Most of the ebooks to which the Library has access use DRM tools to limit copying and printing, though some ebooks are available without DRM.  On ProQuest eBook  Central, you can search for them tick the box labelled "Unlimited Print, Copy, & Download".

ebook central search filter Unlimited Print, Copy, & Download

This appears (on the left hand side of the page) as a filter in the list of search results and on the right hand side of the Advanced Search page    

Unfortunately you  cannot search for DRM-free ebooks on EBSCO'S FE Subscription Collection

Many people think DRM is too restrictive and some people create tools to break DRM measures allow copies to be made.  However making unlicenced copies is copyright infringement, while in the USA, breaking DRM is itself illegal.


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